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90% Silver Dime
Friday, 12 August 2011 15:31

$10 Each


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Why is this dime worth so much more than its face value?


If you are holding the 90% Silver Dime Card shown above it was sealed on 08/15/2011 and the metal value of that coin (not numismatic value) was $2.82. When you scan the QR code on the back of the card you will see that the current metal value is already even higher. This is due to the constant increase in the monetary base of the United States. The Federal Reserve Note, yes the currency you are holding in your wallet has this amazing ability to be printed out of thin air. Bet you wish you knew that trick huh!


United States Monetary Base

The US Dollar has not been tied to gold or silver since the Nixon administration. Yup that's right, there is nothing backing it except faith that people will continue to accept that piece of paper as money.


Well what exactly is money? Money is simply any object that two or more people decide is both worth some intrinsic value and can act as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Intrinsic value is normally develops in an object because the item being used as money has a certain scarcity aspect to it. Which is why Gold and Silver have, for almost all of human history, been the money of choice. There is a very limited supply of these precious metals and you can't print them out of thin air.


The founders of the United States knew this truth, understood history and knew that governments of the world have always sought out a way to fund their expansion and their wars. The founders used this knowledge and tried to prevent it from happening in their new country, so they wrote in their constitution that only gold and silver could be used as money.


Their constitutional act however was never strong enough to stop the creation of unconstitutional central banking in the United States.


The Federal Reserve, The FED, is an unconstitutional central bank and not the first one either. It was created in secret in 1912 and passed into law and existence in a late night pre-Christmas holiday session in 1913. Fast forward almost 100 years, The FED, the longest existing central bank in US history now enables the United States federal and State governments the ability to expand in size, wage wars, militarize the police, bail out failed businesses, carry failed Grand ponzi schemes like social security, medicare and medicaid and their attempts to move to a federal healthcare plan. Essentially all the bad things (can you think of anything good?) the federal and State governments do is all because they never have to pay for it, and they never have to raise taxes. They never raise taxes drastically because the FED will just increase in the monetary base, the printing money out of think air, is a stealth tax; a tax that very effectively hides in plain view.


Anyone close to the source on the new money will reap the benefits of it first, making them very very rich because the increase has not yet caught up in the prices of everything they buy. Then the government gets in on it. Employees, Contracts, Goods and Services are all paid off by the government with cheaper dollars. The resulting rise in prices for the individual will happen slow enough to not send out red flags to the citizenry. They never catch on to the scam. Most people call the rise of prices inflation, this is actually incorrect. The price increase is actually the result of raising the monetary base. The result of being pick pocketed by a stealthy thief.


Take a look at the chart above once more, do you see the huge spike? That happened just before the end of the Bush administration. The Federal Reserve literally doubled the monetary base overnight and in one fell swoop, destroyed the US dollar. Only most people havent realized that the dollar is dead, they will soon enough. Once that increase catches up to the rise in prices your 90% silver Dime may be well worth $6.50.


So watch your pocket change. Keep an eye out for 1964 and earlier, dimes, quarters and half dollars. They are all 90% silver and worth way more than their face value. Also if you look closely, 1982 and earlier pennies were all 95% copper, they are thicker than new pennies, they have a ring to their drop versus the thud you hear when you drop a newer penny and they are also worth more than 266% of their face value. Each Penny is worth .0266. Also, the common nickel, yup the ones they stamp right now are each worth .0606 each in metal value. That's right, the government spends more on the metal than the face value of each coin. Watch for changes in the metal composition of the nickel very soon. Hoard them now because you won't be able to find them once the new coins come out made with Zinc or some other worthless medium.


Please watch the video below and follow the links under it to learn more about your money, the FED and why it should go away.


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