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Two men who decided to turn their local council meeting in Keene, N.H., into a drinking game were arrested for disorderly conduct after allegedly drinking from cups that were labelled "not a beer."

The two men were taking part in a drinking game that was announced on a website called FreeKeene.com and the game was to protest city rules about having an open container of alcohol in public.

The game called for people to take a drink for several reasons, including when there was a call to order, if everyone stood up and whenever a vote was unanimous.

"Feel free to join us with the beverage and container of your choice," the blog post said.

There were four people involved in the drinking game in council chambers during the Thursday night meeting, the Keene Sentinel newspaper reported.

The four people allegedly became rowdy, and a recess was called.

Two people were arrested for disorderly conduct after they allegedly refused to allow their cups to be searched.

But the blog says there was no disruption.

"From all accounts I've read, witnessed through video, and learned from speaking to the individuals involved, not a single disruption was caused at this particular meeting by the protesters. The disruption ensued when the government employees and officials felt that the protesters were deflating their ego's by mocking the way they choose to wield violence to control other people's lives," the blog says.

It added the game was "a peaceful protest" and said it was "no more disruptive than holding signs."

source: http://www.torontosun.com/news/world/2010/08/08/14962111.html